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Fall in love with taking care of your Mind Body Spirit Free standard shipping all orders within Australia AFTERPAY AVAILABLE
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Hormones are your body's chemical messengers ladies. They work so incredibly hard to get things done for us as women When our hormones are in sync, we sparkle! 

Imbalance in our hormones could be due to: 

* Lack of sleep

* High stress levels

* eating too much sugary processed foods

* Over exposure to chemicals

* Unhealthy imbalance of gut bacteria

Food has so much to do with our hormones. When you aren’t feeling yourself, this is the optimal time to use food as your medicine :) 

Try these if you aren’t feeling up to scratch…

  1. Give yourself beneficial fats - Avo’s, eggs, nuts, seeds, meats that are grass fed, and coconut oil. Stay away from chemically altered fats such as canola oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, and if you’re still a ‘Marge’ person. Throw it in the bin now!!!! 
  2. Stay hydrated, filtered if possible
  3. Remove plastic from your life. If they enter our bodies they are a category of Chemicals called endocrine disruptors that have the ability to mimic what the real hormones do in your body, in turn altering your bodies ability to regulate and or produce these hormones properly.
  4. Stay away from Caffeine (or at least limit it!) - Cortisol is a hormone that if had in high doses can alter metabolism, blood sugar fluctuations, thyroid issues and a plethora of other things. We definitely don’t want oestrogen taking over, we already have enough of that some days haha
  5. Prioritise sleep - without it or lack of it, our hormones will be out of balance. Try listening to a few free meditations to get you to sleep, or calming music will do the trick. 
  6. Use supplements that are tried and tested by a naturopath, unfortunately big pharma has taken over and most of their supplements are filled with filler or thickeners. They’re not even required to write any of these ingredients down on the bottle! 
  7. Exercise. Strength training paired with activities such as, yoga, tai chi, deep breathing and walking are ideal for our feminine bodies and balancing hormones. 
  8. Support digestive health – make good food choices. Imbalances in the gut can contribute to all of our hormonal problems. 
  9. Love your liver – Ok, ok…. We do love the odd Rosè here and there. But do not binge! Also when the kids are being shits, it is easy to forget to do all of the little self care things like drink water, go to the toilet and not eat properly or at all. Love yourself as if you are the most important person in the world that you love very much (Which you are!) #selflovemovement #littlesteps 

Love, Mum Emporium girls xxxx

By making a few simple changes you can start to feel like the best version of yourself 🌴

I had a crappy day today - because who doesn't!?!? And that’s Okay… 

Try to limit these things above and schedule in at least 2 hours of ME time each week (or more, we like the sound of that!)

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